Carbide Precision Tooling & Machine Components


Carbide Precision Tooling & Machine Components

Parin Engineering manufacturers precision tooling and machine components to serve market such as Bearing Industries, Rolling, Extrusion etc.

We serve other markets such as the metal forming industries as sintered or finished parts.

Due to the fact that we have the complete production under one roof, we have total control over our complete production under one roof.


Optimized carbide grade maintained to the particular tool, extend service life and enable dimensional accuracy for the pressed component.

Grinding, Positioning, Bushing also can be supplied with Tin, Tich, PVD & CVD Coating. Tooling for Bearing Industries, PVD & CVD Coating Tools can also be supplied.  


Seal Rings & Nozzle Series


Seal Rings & Nozzle Series Tolia Carbide supplies a wide variety of performed and unfinished tools, dies and components made from tungsten carbide including grade with sub-micron grains and grades that contain coarse grain size particles. We produce accurate, close tolerance carbide performs to minimize your finish grinding costs. Our close attention to detail gives our customers optimum quality, short turnaround times, and competitive pricing for both small and large orders.

Heading Dies For Fastener Industries


Tooling for bearing industries. PVD & CVD Coating Tools can also be supplied 


Tungsten Carbide Wear Products.


Preformed blank / nibs Tungsten Carbide inserts for Centre Point
Tolia Carbide offers Tungsten Carbide products in sintered and finished sizes as per 
   customer's requirements.
Tungsten Carbide flats & square Tungsten Carbide Strips for Centreless Guides
Tungsten Carbide Rods Design & Size as per request
Tool for Ammunition Manufacturing

Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts


 Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts
Tolia Carbide offers Tungsten Carbide products in sintered and finished sizes as per customer’s requirements.
Cut Off Knife & Quills
Cut Off Knife & Quills Carbide Knives
Cut-off knives and cut-off bushes should never be omitted in any cold working operation. They enable the capacity of the machine to be better utilised and reduce the production cost. Cut-off knife cuts the wire uniformly clean even in a large quantity of production and thereby the need for constant attention to check the burr formation is avoided. 
Due to the burr free cut surface of the wire, the life of the cold heading tools is simultaneously increased.

Cut-off knives and bushes are offered in various executions. The bore diameter of Parin cut-off
bushes will be about 0.03 mm to 0.05 mm more than the wire diameter for thin wires and
approximately 0.05 mm to 0.08 mm more for thicker wires.
T hese products are generally supplied in Grades P30, P40 and P55.

Indirect Extrusion Tool
Indirect Extrusion Tool Dies and Punches for Aluminium Tube,Can & Containers
Sintered Carbide is the ideal material for tooling used to manufacture can, lid & other sheet & metal container.
Mikron Engineers implements professional solutions for deep drawing, bending, beading, rolling & punching.
Sintered carbide tools make a decisive contribution to optimizing products & ensure uniform product output for a long, long time.
 “If its carbide tools you need made to stringent quality standards competitively priced and delivered on time we are the right source.”
We also manufacture tooling for metal packaging, valve & pump components, precision machine tools.
Heading Dies for Bearing Industries
Heading Dies for Bearing Industries


Carbide Product Group

Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Parts.

For metal producing industries, we supply Tungsten Carbide hot & cold mill rod, flattening rolls, slitter knives, guide and other parts suitable for use in tough mill environments.

Tungsten Carbide Nibs / Pellets in Sintered and finished size. Blanks for drawing dies. 
Tungsten Carbide Hex Segment
Sintered Carbide Segment
Tungsten Carbide Tip / Blank in Sintered as well as finished sizes.

Information About Bar Peeling Inserts

Our product on capabilities includes 

Carbide inserted Heading Die
Straight Bore
Trapped Extrusion
Powder compacting dies for metallurgical, ceramic & pharmaceutical industries
Tools for Ammunition manufacturing
Tools for special flat forging process

Carbide Wear Parts
Wire drawing dies
Inserted cut off quill
Carbide Cutter insert
Any carbide insert for your assemblies including serrated & irregular forms requiring EDM

Our Production Process certified according to ISO 9001-2000 Standard

Powder pressing & Tablet compacting tools
Powder pressing tool made of carbide have proven their superiority when working highly abrasive media and in mass production. They multiply tool life when compared with conventional tools.

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